Now available,TWO TON MESSAGE, the new solo project from MosesMo, guitarist and founding member of the legendary funk rock group Mother's Finest.  Moses Mo has formed a group featuring Mike Long on bass, Kerry Denton on drums, and Zero Basement (rap vocals) to support the release of the new solo project.  This self-released project is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby for downloading, you can listen to songs from TWO TON MESSAGE on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube.  Join the mailing list to get updates on project and  tour dates for MosesMo - Two Ton Message.
Two ton cover red4

Two Ton Message by MosesMo on iTunes for downloading

Cartoon You by MosesMo, debut solo project

Cartoon You is an incredible sounding solo record from the legendary guitarist Moses Mo. A heart felt record that's equally beautiful as it is rockin', the album is filled with Blues, Rock, Funk and Americana hooks all wrapped up into fantastic music.

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