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In 2010, Moses Mo, the original and founding guitarist for the funk rock group Mother's Finest, decided he would release songs that he had written over the years as a solo artist.  He recorded all the instruments in his home studio in Woodstock, Ga and for the first time recorded his own vocals for the songs. Moses asked a few friends to appear on this record as guests and for most of the songs, his long time friend and onetime drummer for Mothers Finest, Kerry Denton created the drum tracks.  The release of his first solo album was called CARTOON YOU.

In 2015, Moses releases his second album TWO TON MESSAGE.  This solo project incorporated the tracks from many drummers, as he was looking to create a more definitive sound for his songs, he asked other drummers he had worked with in the past to submit tracks along with those created by Kerry Denton.  Kenny Soule of Nantucket & DAG, Joey Williams of BoysToMen & Justin Bieber, Gabe Frankel - a young local artist, Sean O'Rourke from Sugarland, and Kevin Wyglad contributed tracks. The hardest component was finding a bass player who knew what was needed for each song.  Kenny Soule suggested a friend of his, from Chattanooga, TN and now living in NYC.  Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley became the one and only bass player for these songs on TWO TON MESSAGE.  A few other friends contributed as guests on different songs but the addition of rap vocals and the development of a new way of writing songs came with the addition of local rap artist, ZeroBasement.  Zero married his daughter Tomi Rocker who also contributed backup vocals on the songs recorded.

At this time, Moses felt the need to create a group which could perform the songs that had been recorded.  In creating this new band, it was important to Moses that the players lived nearby so that they could rehearse often and become a tight knit unit with a sound of their own.  Kerry Denton would become 1st chair on drums, a talented local artist that had shared the stage with many successful bands in the metro atlanta area, Mikey Long became 1st chair bass, the core of the band formed, then, ZeroBasement was added and soon afterwards, PoiZen EV would be added for support on percussion & support vocals. 

In 2018, Moses created a fundraiser on PledgeMusic to fund their next record called DRIVE IN and recorded as a group.  Actually, Moses used the Northern Band comprised of Kenny Soule & Ivan Bodley and combined their tracks with what he was calling his Southern Band which became known as The Real Cool Band.    With this release, keyboards were also added to the group.  Chosen was a local artist Stuart Settles.

The group Moses Mo and The Real Cool Band have been booking and performing during the hiatus time between Mothers Finest Tour Dates for the last several years.  Then, the COVID Pandemic came, and with the loss of work, they built a sound stage and studio in the basement and continued to create songs to be recorded and made a podcast out of their rehearsal time together into an hour long show which they produced and created their own commercials for selling their products and other merchandise to support themselves throughout the pandemic.

With the easing of restrictions, Moses and The Real Cool Band are looking forward to sharing their music again with their audiences.  In 2022, they have plans to release a 4th album, yet untiled, but just about complete.  Stay tuned for more MO and The Real Cool Band.


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